Rich Cook

Rich “Richey Rich” CookDrums, Coffee, Giving Large Al a Hard Time

Born in northwest Indiana, Richey Rich loves the blues and supplies the percussion. 

Rich can hold his own on a trap set, or in an emergency room talking a person out of committing suicide.

Even though Rich had been “raised in church” he started experimenting with drugs and alcohol as a teenager. Repeated abuse led him on that all too familiar downward spiral path. He hit rock bottom and God reached down to lift him back out through the help of the twelve step programs AA and NA.

Rich has been sober for over 29 years.

Rich completed course work for a Ph D in psychology. How’s that for an oxymoron? A drummer with a Ph D!

Today, when he’s not playing the drums, he is doing work as a counselor, helping folks make sense of their lives.

Rich’s multiple interests include things as diverse as bodybuilding, health and nutrition, counseling and roasting coffee. Rich opened an Expresso shop long before there were Starbucks on every corner.

Rich and “Large Al” ran into each other due to a mutual interest in music and coffee. Their discussions ran over many topics, but mostly came back to music and God. They started playing together for the “sheer joy” of making music, and soon that branched out into multiple groups including worship teams, and bands that did festivals, parties, benefits and dances.

Rich, his wife MaryJean and their daughter live in Valparaiso, Indiana.